Monday, March 23, 2009

Down with the Block!

I suppose it's not really fair to call this writer's block - frankly it's just that I'm totally sick of my novel. I know everyone goes through this - I've been through it before with this monster. But with my recent short story work, I've re-discovered my love of writing - and frankly, I've fallen out of love with my novel. I can't wait to start the next one, but I won't let myself until this one is out making the rounds. Ergo, I must finish it. But even re-writing one of the erotic scenes can't hold my attention, and that means things are pretty bad. It doesn't help that I'm very tired and waiting for the Rotorooter guys to show up at some point.

I have five days to finish the new revision. I usually work better under deadlines, but I'm still dragging my feet. Working on this thing is like slogging through mud, and how can that produce good writing? Persistence, that's how. Ugh.

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