Friday, March 27, 2009

Pitch Session tomorrow morning

My summary is written, long and short versions. I have spent several hours reading up on the agent I'll be talking to tomorrow, as well as advice on pitch sessions and how to promote my own work. I have five agent questions and three general publishing questions written down. I've picked out my outfit and decided how I'm doing my hair. I've looked up the building and found where I'm going to park. My portfolio is stocked with two copies of everything and samples of my work should it be asked for (unlikely).

Fourteen hours to go.

I am nervous as hell.

I'm so glad that my pitch session is the first thing I'm doing at the conference. That way I can pay attention to everything that comes later and not be a brainless nervous wreck.

I've been on the other side of the desk when people were pitching their dreams to me. I should be able to apply that experience here. I can at least pretend composure for eight minutes.

Check back on Monday for the results! I plan to do a thorough debriefing on my whole conference experience so you all can reap the benefits. Wish me luck!

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