Monday, March 23, 2009


Still no Rotorooter. Very frustrating. I gave them a call an hour ago, and the dispatcher was supposed to call me back. Called back again, and now they will give me a call before they head over. Great. At least that means I can go upstairs to write, although my cat has been surprisingly good today. I wonder if she's feeling ok?

I decided to review the revision so far, not in detail but skimming through to add in the subplot I took out that I have since decided I want to put back in, as well as to get some sort of context for the scene I'm currently stuck on. Hopefully I'll be able to plow forth from there. Speaking of plowed, the two gin-and-tonics-with-frozen-raspberries-instead-of-ice-cubes have not hurt my ability to buckle down, which surprises me. However they have hurt my ability to make zesty fries, which I realize I have left sitting next to the stove. Give a little, take a little.

For those of you wondering why anyone would have had two gin and tonics before 2pm on a weekday, I will remind you that I am Wisconsin born and bred. There is never a wrong time to drink in Wisconsin, as long as you aren't impaired when you show up to work. Since I am currently unemployed, I can drink whenever I want. And I fully expect to have to drive my loving husband home from our friend's birthday party tonight, so I might as well do it now.

If you've never visited here, I highly recommend it. (See also Lewis Black's bit on drinking in WI from his White Album. And you must eat the deep-fried cheese curds, preferably dipped in ranch sauce. It's a rule.

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  1. rotorooter was busy at my house ;) Good luck on your revisions!