Friday, November 19, 2010

100 Words About: Stuff vs Experiences

We sold my Camaro last night.

It hadn't moved in two years due to some serious rust issues in the floor pan, but other than that it was in fairly good shape. We were very fond of the car but haven't had the funds to sink into it since my bout with unemployment in 2009.

We sold it to a high-schooler and his dad. They're going to restore it together, along with the younger brother. They promised to bring it by when it was all done.

Imagining father and son working together in their garage, remembering the excitement on their faces, the glee in the dad's eyes when he finally got the car running and drove it away—that makes me happy. It's Americana on a level you just don't see as much these days.

We sold it for a song. Worth every penny we didn't get.

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