Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Pain Ain't a Pleasure

Why is it that when I finally break down and make an appointment to see the doctor, I start feeling better within 24 hours? And, yet, I know if I cancel the appointment I'll start feeling crappy again. I think it's my body's way of rewarding me for crying uncle.

And yes, I'm sick. Have been for a few weeks, but it's that annoying kind of sick that's not quite bad enough for you to do anything about it beyond maybe taking some cold meds. The last time I got sick like this I had a low-grade sinus infection for a month and a half. This time it's a sore throat that's lasted a couple weeks.

Sometimes having a high pain threshold can sort of work against you. If I'm not in significant pain to the point of being debilitated, then I'm probably going to ignore it. Especially if I can put it down to something like a sinus infection, or one of my ever-present food sensitivities. And then I tell my doc that I've been sick for two weeks, or that I get headaches four or five times a week, and they give me such a look…

(By the way, if you get mild headaches very often and they can't find a neurological reason, check with your dentist. I got a bite plate for when I sleep and it fixed the headaches right away.)

So I'm off to the doctor's to see if they want to culture my throat or something. Fortunately I start a nice long vacation in a couple days, although The Husband and The Bulldog will be staying home while I visit with family. My parents are driving me. Maybe I can try taking Dramamine so I can type in the car without getting nauseous…on with the novel!

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